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Friday, February 02, 2007

Birthday Babes


to our dearest babes,

Seow Ken and Xiu-Li

May God Bless You.

1:58 PM;

Friday, January 26, 2007

Im officially here on a spamming session to attempt to cpr this oh so dead blog!! hoho! mtv spamming tym!!
[u start frm the video at the bottom btw =D]

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

wahaha! ok go rox! =D wahaha amazing ryt?! wat thy can do on a threadmill.. WOOH! =D

ok, no more! im lazy to spam liew... ciao dudes! have a good weekend.

btw, did ANYONE rilli watch any of the videos? ** raise eyebrows*


5:13 PM;

Carrie Underwood - Don't Forget To Remember Me

wohoho! saw this off mtv. OSH! noob me tot it was a new song. HO! it's almost a year old! NONETHELESS! it's nice! =D WOOH!

5:12 PM;

Mcfly Sorry is not good enough

WOOH!! i luv mcfly!! SO CUTE!! =D wahaha nice ryt this song??! =D

5:09 PM;

Nickelback - If Everyone Cared.

HOHOHO!!! da blog's friggin dead lar! =D hoho, so, im here to spam it with videos hoo!! im bored!! =D rarrr here's "if everyone cared"--nickelback. mmm, inspring video! =D ryt, btw, i noe, not everyone lyks my kinda noisy songs hoho!! bear with me man! =D i'll put up other genres if i have tym soon! =D


5:07 PM;

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

GP book

hello ppl =)

My friend just passed me a book that his jc compiled for them for the A levels last year and it's really good. The book comprises all the arguements for and against of the topics we will be covering in GP for our A's in point form.

I'll bring the book to school so if you all want the book to photocopy and all, just come get it from me or if the whole class wants the book than maybe we can get it photocopied as a class for convenience since it requires binding also. Just tell me in school tomorrow k =)


3:05 PM;

A new year, a new start

Dear 06s05,

The year of 2006 has come to its end.

Thereby, this signifies the beginning of 2007.

2006 has not been exactly a smooth sailing ride for every single one of us, but at the very least, we're still alive and kicking. 2007 is the year that we would take our 'A' levels, and i would hope that everyone can stay healthy, and do their best for this National Exam.

Regardless of who was in our class in 2006 and what were some of the negative things that happened in 2006, i would sincerely hope that each and every one of us can put all the adverse issues that happened in the past at the back of their head, not simply forget them but, instead, take them as lessons well learnt.

We would be having new additions to our class, with new classmates and new teachers. I do wish that we can work well with each other, synergise and obtain the best results that we can. 2007 would not be a ride for the faint-hearted, but i can say this, if we stay united, we'll all move on ahead.

All the best for 2007, and have a happy new year!

See ya all soon!


4:33 AM;

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho Ho Ho!

Hihi everybody!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing all of you a wonderful christmas with your family and friends!

12:09 PM;

p r o f i l e

06S05, we're a cool class with a zest for life =) WhO????

06S05 This is who we are.
Class Manager: Michelle
Assistant Class Manager: Edwin.
Treasurer: Pamela.
Chemistry Rep: Bing Shao.
Mathematics Rep: Kenneth
Secretary: Xiuli
Our peer coach: Joshua
PW rep: Wei Kit
GP rep: Keh Kiong.
Cutest PE rep: Jason
Chang Yu
Bio Rep:samuel
Dearest Welfare Head: Seow Ken.
Mdm Lin..

s c r e a m s

l i n k s


A r c h i v e s

*May 2006
*July 2006
*August 2006
*October 2006
*November 2006
*December 2006
*January 2007
*February 2007