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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another Special Someone

Yes, we can finally at least heave a sigh of relief... The bio and math tests are over, and the painful mondays and tuesdays are gone... Rough week we had, but, stay strong!


I've got a little time to spare... So, today, i'll write on someone many of us know. Lemme see... Today, i'll talk abut Agent Pleakley. Wait, i think that most people would fail to recognise who i'm talking about here... There, here is a picture of Agent Pleakley Zhang Ziyi.

Got it? Okay.... Cool... Sorry... But i think only chinese pupils would know who Pleakley is...

Yes, Pleakley here... Haiz.... Cannot stand it... I've never seen a worse Agent... It seems to be really from outerspace. There is a reason for it being one-eyed... This eye is used specifically to mark and tekan poor innocent people. I wonder how Pleakley ended up in this profession... Damn... Taxpayers money wasted on this kind of Shit.

Really, this is a true case of rampant biasness, useless lessons and shitty teaching.

No joke, the only thing i learnt from Pleakley is how to make a butt of jokes out of yourself...

Notice the small head? Just between me and you, i heard that it is empty inside...




Please la hor... This is a public blog... Cannot use real names... Nevertheless, i would like to thank the people who came up with the Pleakley idea... It's really damn cool...

PLEAKLEY Zhang Ziyi!!!

10:00 PM;

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06S05, we're a cool class with a zest for life =) WhO????

06S05 This is who we are.
Class Manager: Michelle
Assistant Class Manager: Edwin.
Treasurer: Pamela.
Chemistry Rep: Bing Shao.
Mathematics Rep: Kenneth
Secretary: Xiuli
Our peer coach: Joshua
PW rep: Wei Kit
GP rep: Keh Kiong.
Cutest PE rep: Jason
Chang Yu
Bio Rep:samuel
Dearest Welfare Head: Seow Ken.
Mdm Lin..

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