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Friday, August 25, 2006

Miss Mary Lim

A few days ago, i asked Silei the URL for the bio blog. I wanted to express my appreciation towards Miss Lim's efforts in us. I find her reply quite endearing and inspiring, so, i decide that i would post it up in this blog.

Here's what i said

S05...: Thank you Miss Lim. Really, thanks. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for taking precious time to talk to us about out problems.

S05...: Thank you for everything... Sorry that we seem also so much a disappointment... Sorry... And, once again, thank you

Well, i never thought she would issue a reply.... But, she still replied, and here is how it went.
florrie: S05, I will not give up on you...never =. But you mustn't give up on urself too. Its painful as a teacher to see U guys struggling. I wanna help so much but the 1st thing I want you to realize is you must want to help yourself 1st. DO NOT give up on urself 1st. I want to see S05 striving for the best still. Its not abt getting good grades. Its abt putting in ur best in everything that you do. Cheer up as a class yah. Don't do the best just for me but for urself...for ur future and of course not to disappoint every1 who really cares Rememeber a teacher will only scold and nag and do all sorts of crazy thing coz they care....if not it'll be so easy to be just a teacher!

These are indeed very inspiring words by Miss Lim. All i can say is this: Thank You Miss Lim.


Oh yes, as an added bonus, xiaoqian (dunno is she that astro senoir), also added in something.

xiaoqian: yea.. s05.. jia you!! we did it and so can ur.. there's still time to clarify any doubts.. dun give up.. strive on..

Also, thank you xiaoqian.

We'll in need of appraisals and inspirations. Thanks.

2:34 AM;

p r o f i l e

06S05, we're a cool class with a zest for life =) WhO????

06S05 This is who we are.
Class Manager: Michelle
Assistant Class Manager: Edwin.
Treasurer: Pamela.
Chemistry Rep: Bing Shao.
Mathematics Rep: Kenneth
Secretary: Xiuli
Our peer coach: Joshua
PW rep: Wei Kit
GP rep: Keh Kiong.
Cutest PE rep: Jason
Chang Yu
Bio Rep:samuel
Dearest Welfare Head: Seow Ken.
Mdm Lin..

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