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Sunday, October 29, 2006

memememmemememememememmememe =D

hey folks! it's me again!! =D

it's almost unbelievable how a year flew by so quickly.. but yup, no doubt it's coming to a close...

what does 2006 mean to you?

1st of all.... i noe it's definitely the best year of all your lives.... cuz all of ya got to noe ME...ya..?
yep i noe u adore me....=D

bt seriously.... 2006 hasnt been easy. we struggled to get along, struggled to cope w work... well, we struggled a fair bit, and sometimes, we go under. but tt's fine!=) anyhowz... [ let's sidetrack abit: i HATE bloggin =D lol..... so difficult!!! i duno wat to type!! errr....]my pt is tt 2006 wasnt easy, but we made it through anyway. similarly, we'll pull thru the next few hrs... days.... or even years... GAMBATTE DUDES! =D wahaha i noe it's not easy, bt we'll gt thr...=) have faith!! =D no matter what happens... remember u're nt alone! =D we cn all count on wonderful support frm a wonderful class aye ? =D dun guve up hope! nth is set even until da very last minute!! so dont go giving urself bad endings! =) u neva noe...=D have faith!

hai.... i rilli duno wat to type. erm.... cn i move on to a topic im slightly bttr at?
YUP!! I GIVE U PERMISSION SK!!! [ i tk this wld qualify as self entertainmt....bt ...erm...nvm...=D]

SO!!! i will now attempt to psycho everyone into watching THE PRESTIGE!

in short, the prestige is a display of human nature with all it's sadness, darkness and evil... the plot surrounds 2 men- robert n alfred- friends turned foes, n their obssessive rivalry; revenge- wtv u call it. the movie takes us thru their lives... n well.. jus go watch n c la...

wahaha .... i hrd this grp of kids say " i tk the prestige ah.... is just harry potter for adults la!!!" POOOOOOOOOOOOOO ...wth!... RONG! it's gt magic in every essence of the movie....bt abracadabrah! it's gt [if i may say] nth to do w magic. tadang! =D

anyways.... y u shd watch da movie.... :
cuz it's TWISTED ! n full of twists!! twisted cuz -wooohoooo! ! WOOOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHOHO!! YAY!! it was erm....a pretty sad movie ... nt tear jerker- omg...u mean i'll nv c sk again?! I DONT HAVE A MEANING IN LIFE ANYMORE!!!- sort of sadness... it's a higher order [HAH! ] sort of sadness... m i making sense? n erm full of twists cuz, well, nth tt u expect to happens happens, u juz kp 'wth!" -ing. YA!

n if tt's nt enuf. HUGH JACKMAN' S in it damn it! =D [awww =)] n SCARLETT JOHANSSON [she's olivia] too!! =D yay for da guys. [i tk? or maybe da guys in our cls prefer older women? lyk pleakley? **cough:SAMUEL!**]

ya, so. jus watch it la. =D

k, ya. did i say im slightly bttr at this topic?

i take back my words.

NVM! =D u read my random ramblings anyway... so if u cn undrstd me... u cant b much bttr...so i dun tk u mind... YAP! TT' S ALL !!


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Treasurer: Pamela.
Chemistry Rep: Bing Shao.
Mathematics Rep: Kenneth
Secretary: Xiuli
Our peer coach: Joshua
PW rep: Wei Kit
GP rep: Keh Kiong.
Cutest PE rep: Jason
Chang Yu
Bio Rep:samuel
Dearest Welfare Head: Seow Ken.
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