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Monday, December 11, 2006


hey guys... dan and me is at this tution center.. i just join.. aniway. the person say we can make up our own class.. min 5 ppl.. i went for the trial. it's quite good because the class is small, about 5 ppl. so if we have our own class we can arrange the dates and the topics we want him to teach. there isn't bio yet, but if u guys want they can provide us. they're MOE registered, so they'll follow the syllabys.

it's a jurong, boonlay. take 242 from boon lay. if you guys want.. we decide here then we can form a class. i'm going for chemistry. daniel is in the maths one..

it's 140 for one subj
130 per sub (for 2sub or more)
there's no registration fee, G.S.T, or whatso ever... it's just.. 140. once per week about 1hr 30mins plus per time. if there's sch questions u donno can stay back and ask. he's quite friendly and nice. they provide extra notes too. erm.. got any questions just ask me.. btw.. if u miss lessons you can request him for 1-to-1 make up lesson. good rite? haa

website: http://www.xuehai.com.sg
email: enquiry@xuehai.com.sg
tel: 67944711
aniway.. minimum 5 can start a class le.. the current chem is at sat 12-1.30 pm. if u want to go for trial just phone them. the maths is tue evening..i think>? just check out. if intrested we try to go as a class.. if too many ppl then to split into 2 groups of 5.. or whatsoever..

1:32 PM;

p r o f i l e

06S05, we're a cool class with a zest for life =) WhO????

06S05 This is who we are.
Class Manager: Michelle
Assistant Class Manager: Edwin.
Treasurer: Pamela.
Chemistry Rep: Bing Shao.
Mathematics Rep: Kenneth
Secretary: Xiuli
Our peer coach: Joshua
PW rep: Wei Kit
GP rep: Keh Kiong.
Cutest PE rep: Jason
Chang Yu
Bio Rep:samuel
Dearest Welfare Head: Seow Ken.
Mdm Lin..

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